Chapter 8 - Plot II

Assignment 1 - The Ring

Because of the prologue, we don’t meet Rachel until 8 minutes in. Even so: 

We see Rachel berating her boss on her cell phone, showing us she is driven and determined when it comes to her job. (If you listen closely to the conversation, you’ll hear she’s a newspaper columnist.) 

We see Rachel arrive late to pick up her son Aidan from school, showing us she’s not the best mother. The way Aiden brushes past her with “I’ll wait in the car” corroborates this notion. 

We see Rachel being curt when Aidan’s teacher tries to offer advice, showing that she is headstrong and not terribly involved with her son’s life. 

If you go just a few minutes beyond the first 10: 

We see Rachel at least trying to be a good mother by the way she tucks Aidan in for bed. 

We see that Aidan is really the adult in the family by the way he sets out Rachel’s dress for her.

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