Chapter 9 - Tone and Theme

The Ring

Tone described: somber, secretive, drizzly, an eerie threat lurking beneath every surface.   

Tone illustrated: We get somber, secretive, and drizzly, when Rachel talks with the doctor on damp Moesko Island, the doctor being very reluctant to reveal what happened with Samara. A good example of the eerie threat is when rewatching the videotape, Rachel sees a fly on the screen, a fly that is in the video. Then…she notices the very same fly is on the screen, outside the video. Then…blood trickles from her nose. 

Theme: Evil exists, pure inexplicable evil. (It may seem that Samara was just a deeply troubled girl who turned evil after her mother murdered her. But there is good evidence that Samara was always evil, bringing death and destruction to the island as soon as she arrived, and there are even hints that she was conceived in an unnatural way, like maybe through the help of a dark force.) 

A moment that illustrates the theme: Samara, her long scraggly black hair covering her face, climbing through the TV screen, dripping wet from the well, to kill Noah.

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