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"I had finished my MFA in fiction writing and I wanted a way to continue writing in a serious atmosphere, both honest and generous. The Gotham class was fabulous. I was able to develop a character for a novel I had been working on, which is now due for publication in August."
- Roxann King-Feuerman
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Gotham Writers' Workshop - Creative Writing Classes in NY and Online
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Gotham Writers' Workshop - Creative Writing Classes in NY and Online
Gotham Writers' Workshop - Creative Writing Classes in NY and Online
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The Summer 2014 schedule is now available!

Browse our selection of upcoming classes in NYC or online.

Gotham online classes selected as Best of the Web by Forbes.

A list of instructors teaching in the Summer 2014 term:

Online Teachers
NYC Teachers

Check it out, Friday evenings in Manhattan, Saturday afternoons in Brooklyn.
A whole new kind of writing experience.

We'll be offering free writing classes in Bryant Park for five weeks every Thursday starting June 26. Come join us!

Please register at Bryant Park's Reading Room.

Here's the schedule:

Creative Writing 101 - Thursday, July 17
Science Fiction & Fantasy - Thursday, July 24

We invite you to invent a word. Not just any word. A word you think will greatly enhance the English language.
Interestingly, there are words that mean invented words; the fancy word is neologism (invented by Thomas Jefferson) and the informal word is sniglet (invented by Rich Hall).
The inventor of the best word gets a free Gotham class of his or her choosing.

Read on for guidelines and entry form.


See the winner and finalists for our Very Short Story Contest.

Gotham Writers Workshop is celebrating 20 years of helping writers discover their stories. Now we’re revising ours, with a new logo, a new look, and all kinds of new courses and initiatives. (A new website will be coming in the near future.) Stay tuned by getting on our mailing list, or following us on social media.

And check out our Summer 2014 brochure!

We offer premium Fiction classes, conducted in partnership with the acclaimed literary magazine Zoetrope: All Story.

Bonus features:
  • Free subscription to Zoetrope
  • Weeklong Q & A with Zoetrope editor
  • Michael Ray Skip the Zoetrope slush pile

Dear Gotham,

I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for Gotham WritersLast year I attended the one-day intensive in Travel Writing. I then followed up with the How to Blog one-day and a one-on-one session, both with Alison Stein, which provided me with the tools to visualize and create a Wordpress blog. The classes were extremely thought-provoking and hands-on, and, thanks to Alison, I was inspired to finally jump in and launch my travel blog. (Continue reading.)

By Britt Gambino

Gotham teacher Jessica Penner is living in New York for the second time. She and her husband originally lived in the city in the early 2000s (she worked for a Catholic ministry; he at a needle exchange) but left when Jessica got a job at Rosetta Stone in Harrisonburg, Virginia. “I thought in a year or two I’d be ‘over’ New York, but it never went away,” Jessica says. “It’s nice living on the east coast…I can be a Mennonite without the Mennonite baggage." (Continue reading.)

Gotham teacher Sean Ennis has recently seen the release of his short story collection Chase Us. It’s all about boys, growing up, or as Publishers Weekly says: “Ennis’s debut collection provides glimpses into the lives of a cohort of boys from the outskirts of Philadelphia, who grow older but never really grow up.” And Booklist says the author is “fearless in exploring his characters’ hidden moments of gritty truth and unease.”
Check it out. Here’s the opening of the story “This Is Pennypack”:

The August before ninth grade, Clip and I found two Indians locked in a cage. We had wandered off the path in Pennypack Park that day, bored. Fishing was useless in the creek by June, and by July, we couldn’t even heckle joggers or throw rocks at their dogs. It was too hot. August was always the worst month in Philadelphia. (Continue reading.)

Would you like to work one-on-one with a member of our expert faculty? Have your own personal writing coach? We can hook you up with exactly the right person and exactly the right program. Explore your options

Gotham offers two courses for teens 13-17 years of age:
Unbound: Creative Writing and True Story: Creative Nonfiction. These classes are all about helping teens discover and develop their unique voices. No grades, no exams, no wrong answers. Offered in NYC and online (in conjunction with Teen Ink magazine).

Gotham Writers Workshop has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

Our classrooms are not the only way to get the Gotham experience. We also have books.
Writing Fiction and Writing Movies are both guides on the craft of writing, and Fiction Gallery is an anthology of short stories, a perfect complement to Writing Fiction.
Writing Fiction is now available in several foreign language editions: Escribir ficcion (Spanish); Lezioni di scrittura creativa (Italian); Romane und Kurzgeschichten schreiben (German); and Kezdő írók kézikönyve (Hungarian).
Writing Movies is available as Escribir Cine (Spanish).

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