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"This is the best online course I have ever done. The way Gotham puts the lessons together and, more importantly, the weekly exercises and Booth projects, with comments not only from the teacher but also the class, is one of the most effective forms of learning one can experience."
- Kashonia Carnegie
"I love every aspect of the online classes as you present them. This is my second one and I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of content, scope of topics, and with the high quality of instruction. The classes even allow for interaction with other class members via the weekly chats and email networking. This is an excellent educational experience. I plan to continue with other classes in the near future. Bravo!"
- Rosemarie Ferrara
 High School Principal
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Sample an Online Class at WritingClasses.com
Sample an Online Class at WritingClasses.com
Since 1997, thousands of students have discovered how simple it is to learn in Gotham's online classes. These classes offer easy navigation and clear instruction from our expert teachers. And they include everything you would expect to find in a "live" classlectures, discussions, writing exercises, teacher feedback, group critiques, and the pleasure of getting to know others who share your passion for writing. You'll learn more in a matter of weeks than you might in a year of trial and error.

These are the major components of our online classes:

Lectures - Every week a lecture is posted to the Blackboard section of your online class. You and your classmates can then read the lecture, make comments, or raise questions at any time. The teacher responds to these comments and questions, and a discussion ensues. You have ample time to frame your questions and consider the responses.

Exercises - You have a private online Notebook, available only to you and your teacher. Every week your teacher posts an exercise related to the weekly lecture topic. After you complete the exercise and post your work, your teacher responds with personal feedback on your writing.

Critique - Each week several students submit work to The Booth, our simple yet highly effective system for critiquing student work. You and your classmates then post comments: positive comments followed by suggestions for improvement. Then the teacher posts feedback on the writing. The process provides plentiful feedback and clear next steps for each writer. (Some four and six-week classes do not include the group critique component.)

In our online classes, you don't have to take notes. You can just print out the lectures and discussions. And at the end of the course, you may print out a packet that contains all your work and all the comments that have been made on it.

You can take a tour of a sample online class in one of two ways:

VIDEO TOUR - You view a short movie that takes you on a guided tour of our online "classroom."

Self-Guided Tour - You take yourself around the "classroom," just as if you were a student. Take a tour of:
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