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"This is the best online course I have ever done. The way Gotham puts the lessons together and, more importantly, the weekly exercises and Booth projects, with comments not only from the teacher but also the class, is one of the most effective forms of learning one can experience."
- Kashonia Carnegie
"I was apprehensive at first about taking an online class since I am not a computer expert, and also because I wondered about a class with no face-to-face interaction. However, taking this class on the computer was so simple, I never felt intimidated. I also felt like I came to know both the instructor and the other students through their comments and class discussion."
- Julia Gentile
 retired attorney
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Online Creative Writing Classes - WritingClasses.com - Fiction, Screenwriting, and More
Online Creative Writing Classes - WritingClasses.com - Fiction, Screenwriting, and More

Driven by our ongoing commitment to provide our students with the best creative writing classes possible,  Gotham Writers Workshop has grown to become the leading creative writing school in New York City and online. Teaching creative writing is all that we do. It is our passion.


We Teach Craft
We focus on teaching you the fundamental principles such as plot, structure, character, voice, dialogue, description, and point of view.   These principles are taught through lectures, class discussions, writing exercises, and in-depth critiques of your writing.

Outstanding Instructors
Teaching is every bit as much of an art as writing.  Thats why all of our teachers are professional writers and professional teachers who are experts at teaching their craft.  They don't just talk about writing, they get you writing.

A Commitment To You And Your Writing
At Gotham, we take you and your writing seriously. Our classes are not therapy.  They are not a lovefest.  They are about learning to write. Gotham workshops teach you the craft and provide the structure of assignments and deadlines that get you writing.

Small Class Size
Unlike other online workshops that may have 40, 50, or even 100 participants, we strictly limit each online writing class to 18 or fewer students to ensure that you receive personal attention and rigorous feedback from your instructor.

Extensive Interaction
Gotham online classes are not just e-mail forums in which you periodically send work back and forth.  Our classes are interactive workshops with extensive communication between you, your classmates, and the instructor.  These dynamics recreate the inspiring experience of our live writing workshops.

Our classes fit into your schedule.  From any location around the world, you can log on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to read lectures, post comments, participate in class discussions, and submit your writing for critique.

User Friendly Technology
Our online format is easy to use.  No special software is required, and you do not need to be an experienced Internet user in order to get the most out of the course.  If you do run into problems, online support is available to answer your questions.

A Community of Writers
When you enroll in a Gotham workshop, you join others from across the country and around the world who share a passion for writing and a desire to master the craft. Since 1997, more than 19,000 students have studied creative writing online with us.

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