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Student Quotes
"Great intro course to article writing. I can honestly say that I now look at an article in a newspaper or magazine in a completely different light!"
- Rupina Meer
 freelance corporate writer
"I have no idea if I will ever publish anything, but I did learn that writing is fun and interacting with other writers is fun."
- Forrest Zell
 bar manager
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Why Our Classes Are the Most Effective
Why Our Classes Are the Most Effective

Participating in an effective writing workshop is the best way to improve your writing.  Listed below are some of the more important features of our workshops—workshops in which you write more and learn more.

We Teach Craft
We are New York’s no-nonsense writing school.  We believe that writing is a craft that can be taught.  That does not mean we teach formula.  We teach the fundamental principles of each form because you need to learn these principles before you can manipulate them, just as Picasso mastered realism before he painted abstractly. 

A Commitment To You And Your Writing
At Gotham, we take you and your writing seriously.  Our classes are not therapy.  They are not a lovefest.  They are about learning to write.  Talent cannot be taught, but it certainly can be nurtured.  There are no miracles.  If you want to write, you can.  First, learn the craft—so you know what you’re doing.  Then write.  Gotham workshops teach you the craft and provide the structure of assignments and deadlines that get you writing.

Professional Teachers, Professional Writers
We believe that teaching is every bit as much an art as writing, and we know through vast experience that the ability to teach creative writing is a unique and valuable skill.  That’s why all of our teachers are professional writers and professional teachers.  They know what it means to work at the craft of writing—they’ve been in the trenches—and they are expert at conveying the larger concepts and subtle nuances to students.  They don’t just talk about writing, they get you writing.

Class Size Is Strictly Limited
Too many other workshops cram 25, 30, even 50 students into a room. That’s not a workshop. In an effective writing workshop, you present your writing regularly and get rigorous feedback.  In a Gotham 10-week writing workshop there are never more than 14 students in a New York City class so your writing receives the attention it deserves.

Extensive Class Time
While other schools offer classes that meet for only 15 or 20 hours in a term, Gotham workshops meet for three hours at a time, one day a week, for 10 weeks—that’s 30 hours of instruction.  We provide the time in class to discuss your work, to learn the craft, and to answer your questions.

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