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Student Quotes
"I could not have expected more from an instructor. She was not only skilled and knowledgeable in the subject matter, but she paid a level of attention to the needs of each student that is seldom found in an instructor in any venue."
- Ben Tilley
"I gained a very good grasp of the basics of writing fiction as well as a new perspective. Even before the course was half over, I found myself thinking about writing in a different way."
- Anthony James
 Cell Manufacturing Leader
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College Admissions Essay Coaching
College Admissions Essay Coaching

Applying for college admission? Want to give yourself a leg up on the competition? Then make sure your application is accompanied by an exceptional personal essay. While grades and test scores are important, the personal essay is a key factor in determining who gets in, and who doesn’t. There’s no set formula for writing a great essay because the best essays are as unique as the individuals who write them. The essay that will impress the reviewer must be original, focused, and structured. Style counts. Word choice matters. And every comma has to be in the right place.

Now there are courses that can give you the help you need. Gotham now offers private, one-on-one coaching to help you get started and work your way through the process. Our coaches are all professional writers with a wealth of experience in writing college application essays. They’ll help you write the essay you want to write—the one that will make the admissions committee sit up and take notice.

Start To Finish: Five-Hour Package
If you aren’t sure how to get started on your essay, a Gotham personal coach can guide you through the entire process, start to finish. The package includes:

Personal Inventory: To help you discover the wealth of possible essay topics, the instructor will provide you with a Personal Inventory worksheet. You simply answer the worksheet’s interesting questions.

Brainstorming: Using your Personal Inventory as a starting point, the instructor will help you winnow down the options and figure out the best topic and approach. You’ll also learn the basics of essay writing and techniques for letting your individuality shine. Even if you come in with no idea where to start, you’ll walk out with a great topic and an understanding of how to turn it into words.

The Evaluation: Once you have a draft of your essay, your instructor spends one hour evaluating it, making careful notes.

The Consultation: The instructor spends two hours helping you improve your essay–the content, style, structure, grammar– every aspect. And you leave with a solid understanding of how to give your essay a final polish.

Tuition: $375. Call 1-877-974-8377 to register. See Important Note, below.

Final Pass: Three-Hour Package

Final Pass is the ideal package for those who have their essay already written but want to fine tune it. Final Pass includes:

The Evaluation: Your instructor spends one hour evaluating your essay and making careful notes.

The Consultation: The instructor spends two hours helping you understand how to improve your essay–the content, the style, the structure, the errors, everything. You walk away knowing how to give your essay a final polish.

Tuition: $225. Call 1-877-974-8377 to register.

Important Note

Gotham essay writing coaches are all professional writers experienced in the field of college application essays. They know how great essays are put together, and they understand the nuanced logic of college admissions boards. However, our coaches do not write essays for anyone, and their instruction is no guarantee of admission into any college. Gotham coaches teach college-bound students the fundamentals of good essay writing, so that they, in turn, can complete an essay that most accurately reflects their capabilities and uniqueness.

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