Corporate Classes

Gotham brings its world-renowned teaching right into your workplace with our Corporate Classes. We come, we teach, you benefit.

The following courses can be presented onsite, online, or via videoconference. Your employees can also enroll in our regularly-scheduled group classes.

Business Writing

Your company needs great writing, inside and out. Your external communication should be as sharp as your logo and website; your internal communication should be clear, efficient, and uplifting. By increasing the writing skills of employees—at all levels and positions—a company boosts its competitive advantage.

We teach employees the basic principles of good business writing, which they can immediately put into action—on anything from simple emails to complex documents. They will be surprised at how entertaining the course is, and by how much “personality" can play a part in business writing.

For more information, download Gotham’s Business Writing Brochure.

This course touches on grammar and style points, but these things are covered more fully in Grammar.


You don’t want your employees making grammatical errors in their writing. Those little mistakes are like showing up to a meeting with a stain on your shirt. Most people don’t know grammar as well as they should; some don’t care, some stress about it. And some employees are fairly good with grammar, but with a little help they could write with even more polish and confidence.

Gotham offers two Grammar courses:

Grammar 1: The Basics
Grammar 2: Expertise and Finesse

We can help you choose the course that is most right for your employees. Each course comes with an invaluable reference guide. As a bonus, we make grammar quite entertaining.

For more information, download Gotham’s Grammar Brochure.

Corporate Creativity

Like a gust of fresh air, Gotham’s Corporate Creativity program blows new life into your workplace, showing employees innovative techniques that can shake up the way they handle their day-to-day business.

Drawing upon our experience as a creative writing school, we bring you creative approaches, delivered in a creative fashion. These aren’t writing sessions; these are creativity sessions, where you learn fresh techniques that can help with actual situations in the workplace.

We offer four separate programs: Brainstorming, Storytelling, Problem-Solving, Team- Building.

Gotham’s Corporate Creativity program is fascinating, fast-paced, and fun. This may be just what your employees need…or crave.

For more information, download Gotham’s Corporate Creativity Brochure.

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