Available either remotely or in NYC

An experienced writer on the Gotham faculty reads and evaluates a particular project, at any stage of development. You will receive honest and supportive advice on how to take your project to the next level.

To begin, a Gotham staff member will consult with you to determine your specific needs and then match you with the appropriate writer on our faculty. You will then receive a quote based on the type and length of your material.

Moving forward, the assigned instructor will then read your work, provide written comments, and meet with you one-on-one—either in-person in New York City, or by phone/Zoom. You will receive clear and concrete suggestions for improving your work. This is not a copy-editing service, but a careful analysis of your work. You will also have the opportunity to get your questions answered.

Book doctoring is available for novels and book-length memoirs.

Story doctoring is available for short stories (individual or multiple), as well as picture books, essays, short memoirs, articles, poems, songs, or most any form of creative writing.

Script doctoring is available for full-length screenplays, television scripts, or plays, as well as shorter scripts.

There are two versions of doctoring—in-person or long distance.

You may choose the in-person version, which includes an in-person consultation with your “doctor,” if you live in the New York City area. You may choose the long-distance version, which includes a phone/Zoom meeting with the “doctor,” regardless of where you live. Total price for the in-person version is often slightly higher because more meeting time may be allotted.

A price quote will be provided prior to the commencement of any work. Payment in full is due in advance.

The rate for all doctoring is $80 per hour. The amount of hours is calculated like so: *

Book Doctoring (novels, memoirs)

1 hour for every 15 pages read (1 page = 275 words) plus

1 hour for written critique plus

2-hour consultation, either in person or via phone or Zoom.

For example, a 58,000-word novel (approximately 211 pages) would be: 14-hour read plus 1 hour for a written critique plus a 2-hour consultation. Total: $1,360.

If you want help with a nonfiction book, the best starting point is our course Nonfiction Book Proposal. Nonfiction books (except for literary memoirs) almost always enter the market on the basis of a proposal.

Story Doctoring (stories, essays, articles, picture books, etc.)

1 page = 275 words

1 hour for every 15 pages or fewer read (1.5 hours if the piece is between 15 and 30 pages) plus

45 minutes for written critique (30 minutes for picture books or flash fiction) plus

1-hour consultation, either in-person or via phone or Zoom.

For example, a 5,225-word story (approximately 19 pages) would be: 1.5-hour read plus 45 minutes for written critique plus a 1-hour consultation in-person or via phone or Zoom Total: $260

The time needed for a written critique and/or a consultation might be shorter for very short stories, short articles, or picture books.

For certain types of writing—poetry, songwriting, stand-up comedy, etc.—price is determined on a case-by-case basis at the hourly rate of $80.

Script Doctoring (screenplays, TV scripts, plays, etc.)

Full-length screenplay or play (90-120 pages in script format)

5 hours to read plus

1 hour for written critique plus

2-hour consultation, either in person or on Zoom.

For example, for a 119-page screenplay: Total: $640 for in-person; $560 for phone version.

TV scripts and short scripts (short film, one-act play, etc.)

Price is determined based on length, at the hourly rate of $80.

* These are suggested guidelines for our Doctoring services. Actual price quotes may vary based on Gotham’s view on what will give you the best possible feedback and experience.

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