Private Business Writing Session/Class

Available either remotely or in NYC

For a one-on-one Business Writing class, where you are the only student, we have two options:

Private Business Writing Session

The Private three-hour Session allows you to meet with a faculty member who will coach you in several major aspects of business writing, depending on your needs. The private session lets you explore the fundamentals through mini-lectures, writing exercises, and discussion, with time built in for Q&A.

Tuition: $400

(Price may be higher for certain specialized requests.)

Private Business Writing Class

The Private Class allows you to take our 6-week Business Writing course one-on-one with a faculty member. You will meet with a faculty member for 6 two-hour sessions, which will contain lectures, discussion, and writing exercises (including homework, which you will receive written feedback on).

6-Week Tuition: $1800

(Price may be higher for certain specialized requests.)

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