Program Certificate

Gotham offers students the opportunity to receive a Program Certificate in Fiction Writing, Memoir Writing, or Screenwriting after completing a structured program of courses.

These certificates are valid as credits only to the degree that Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are accepted. While these certificates may be used on resumes, it is unlikely a Gotham certificate will advance the chance of publication or production of your work.

Program Certificates are awarded to students who enroll and fully participate in the following programs:

Fiction Writing

Fiction Writing I
Fiction Writing II, or Novel Writing II (two classes)
How to Get Published or Reading Fiction or Fiction Writing III or Novel Master Class

(Students may substitute one or more of their Fiction II or Novel II courses with Science Fiction & Fantasy II, Mystery II, or Romance II.)

Memoir Writing

Memoir Writing I
Memoir Writing II (two classes)
How to Get Published or Nonfiction Book Proposal or Hit Send: Publishing Short Nonfiction or Blog & Newsletter Writing


Screenwriting I
Screenwriting II (two classes)
Scripts in Focus

Upon completion of the Program Certificate requirements, notify Gotham to receive an official Program certificate.

Gotham will also provide an individual certificate of completion, if needed, for any individual class in which the student has fully participated.