Krista Wells & Nicole Moleti

Krista Wells & Nicole Moleti

Dear Gotham,

We wouldn’t be here without the wonderful programs and dedicated instructors at Gotham. From the One-on-One help with our book pitch, to the amazing online Novel class where everyone in my class gave edits, you helped us move our manuscript from draft to publication.

My friend Nicole Moleti, a long-time nonfiction writer, had a book idea she couldn’t get out of her head and asked me to be her co-author. I wanted to say yes but wasn’t sure how to transition my skills from nonfiction writing to fiction, so I signed up for a class at Gotham. I learned a lot and enjoyed the added support and accountability that came from being in the class.

Nicole was so impressed with my “derby chapter” in An Imperfect Plan—which was a direct result of others’ feedback—that she began signing up for classes as well. We are proud that the book is now published and available on Amazon May 10th, 2022 (under the pen name Addison McKnight).

I’m addition to Gotham’s classes, we have both used the Resources pages and the free Write-ins when we need a spark of motivation and camaraderie.

Writing can be isolating, so we love having a supportive community of writers any time we want to tap in, be lifted, and lift others.

Thank you,

Krista Wells and Nicole Moleti