Corie Adjmi

Corie Adjmi

For me, Gotham Writers Workshop was a game-changer.

I didn’t even know I wanted to be a writer. I’d just had a baby and took a ten-week Fiction class for fun. In that class, I wrote my first short story and my teacher, Julie Regan, told me I had talent. Those words changed everything.

I kept writing short stories and taking Gotham classes. I submitted to literary journals and began to see my work get published.

Somewhere along the way, I started to write a novel and in Gotham workshops, led by talented, caring, teachers (Susan Breen and Alison Espach), I got the feedback, support, and education I needed to keep writing.

I often joke that I’ve taken every class Gotham offers, and some of them more than once. I took Fiction II three times. I’ve taken Nonfiction Book Proposal, Reading Fiction, and many One-day intensives: Children’s Book Writing, Personal Essay, and Essay & Opinion.

I’m presently registered for the upcoming One-day intensive Comics and Graphic Novels, and my favorite was Screenwriting. (A girl can dream, right?)

Last year, since I wasn’t up to writing a screenplay (just yet) and I was waiting to hear back from an agent about my novel, I decided to start a blog, and took How To Blog with Alison Stein. Alison was fantastic and so I continued a Mentorship with her. She was knowledgeable and approachable, as all Gotham teachers are.

My blog, From The Core, is mostly about relationships: marriage, family, friends, and it is where I share ideas, start conversations and reflect on matters that matter—to me. The blog is doing well and the feedback I get is encouraging, which keeps me writing regularly.

And so my writing journey continues as I just got an agent for my novel! (Carrie Howland from Donadio & Olson.)

I am beyond delighted to work with Carrie, and know that Gotham is largely responsible for this triumph, as well as all my writing successes. It feels amazing that my writing dreams are coming true; but the part of this story I like the best is that I didn’t even know I had those dreams until I came to Gotham Writers.

Thank you Gotham!

Corie Adjmi