Diana Garcia

Diana Garcia

Dear Gotham,

You came into my life during the pandemic, a time when creativity desperately wanted a way out of my brain.

My job as a nutrition education manager at a local food bank was changing, and I wanted to find a way to capture the important conversations I’d had with clients during the classes I’d facilitated. In these classes, we discussed nutrition and how to make better food choices. We also talked about food insecurity and how to cook unfamiliar food items. But beyond these topics, there were rich conversations about family, identity, cultural foods, and childhood memories.

I had taken a mindful journaling workshop and was following the Julia Cameron morning pages advice. I felt compelled to write and cook more every day. I began reflecting on my own food experiences and how they shaped my personality, relationships, and life.

I am an innate storyteller, and I love reading, writing, and delicious food. I was curious about food writing and wanted to learn how to experience food through detailed descriptions. I found your Food Writing class, which was a great way to learn about the passion of others for food writing.

The Food Writing class gave me the confidence to create a digital cookbook as a way to elevate the voices of those whose stories are often lost in the day-to-day grind. This project challenged me to tap into my creativity and allowed me to discover my skills as a writer, food photographer, and connector with wonderful people who have a deep appreciation for their cultures and cuisines.

The recipes in this cookbook have a special meaning to those who shared their stories with me. They represent nourishment for their souls and bodies, love, connection, family, and identity. I invite you to download this cookbook, read the stories, and try the recipes. Your palate and heart will be pleasantly surprised.

With gratitude,

Diana Garcia