Donna Hayes

Donna Hayes

Dear Gotham,

At the conclusion of each Memoir Writing workshop, Joselin Linder had us write notes of encouragement to each other on bright, colorful cards. I still read them for inspiration. One such note read: I truly hope that your work (or works) is published, so that your grace, humanity, strength and wisdom can help others, no matter their stations in life. 

As an actor and singer, I had always gotten so much pleasure from using acting and singing as a way to connect with and inspire others. For years, I had entertained the idea of adding author to that list, but the process seemed so daunting.

In the summer of 2017, I was recovering from a devasting breakup when I found the impetus to pen my memoir. 

In 2018, I googled “writing class” and within the hour I had registered for a Gotham Writers Workshop Memoir I Writing class with Joselin Linder.

Unsure of what to expect, I entered the first class filled with a mix of excitement, uncertainty and curiosity. I soon discovered a safe place to be vulnerable, ignite difficult topics and stand tall in my truth. It was in my semi-circled “booths” that I found the courage and inspiration to share my story with the world.

Good luck, the note ended, the world needs more of you. 

There was no turning back!

I am so grateful that my Google search led me to Gotham Writers and I am interminably grateful to Joselin for her guidance, mentoring and wisdom.

These Broken Roads: Scammed and Vindicated, One Woman's Story found its home at Sibylline Press in the Fall of 2022, and will be published on October 3, 2023.

Thank you for a truly amazing experience!

Forever grateful,

Donna Hayes