Erica Crompton

Erica Crompton

Dear Gotham,

Only two things thrill me more than the fact that my Gotham teacher wrote for the New York Times

Following on from the online Article writing course, I get a cover story in Nylon magazine. And I'm currently freelancing for an editor who himself writes for New York Times.

Talk about hitting the big time headlines, and without even leaving the provincial suburbs of London. It's all done remotely.

At present I'm spending a few months lecturing at a university on magazine journalism and fashion writing. (I went and got a journalism degree upon completing the Gotham course.)

I can honestly say that my ten weeks at Gotham are just as relevant as my degree, and it also underpins my own current teaching manifesto today - that anyone can write, they just need the confidence to do so.

Next stop, write my book. Where do I sign up?

Erica Crompton