Karen Katz

Karen Katz

Dear Gotham,

For years I had an idea for a memoir and scattered thoughts on little pieces of paper that ended up somewhere near those single socks that seem to disappear into thin air. I realized I needed some structure, so I started taking courses at Gotham.

First I dabbled in Food Writing, then Travel Writing and eventually ended up in a wonderful Memoir course with Elizabeth Cohen. Each gave me the tools I needed to discipline myself as a writer. The bonus was the support of Elizabeth and my fellow writers in class whose insights and comments encouraged me throughout the process.

Fast forward five years—even though those five years felt like ten—and I’m proud to say my first book, GETTING SAUCED—How I Learned Everything I Know about Food from Working in TV,” is being published on June 4, 2024 by Morgan James Publishing. I can’t say it was always an easy process, but being willing to accept criticism and having an enormous amount of perseverance is key.

Thank you, Gotham, for starting me on my journey and giving me the confidence and foundation to become what I’ve always wanted to call myself—a published author.

All the best,

Karen Katz