Michael Lambert

Michael Lambert

Dear Gotham,

I am taking my sixth Gotham class this year, and I simply cannot seem to stop myself from pursuing Gotham classes.

The reason for my “addiction” to Gotham study is quite simple: the classes are a practical, informative, enjoyable and stimulating experience. The feedback from my fellow writing students is honest and constructive. From Gotham, I learned that the only way to learn how to write is to start writing.

The comments and feedback I received from every instructor—who are published writers and speak with authority from experience—have been incredibly helpful.

The Gotham formula for teaching the craft of writing is the best one I have ever encountered. Pedantic analysis of famous authors’ writing has been replaced with personalized, expert commentary on what I have written, not on what someone else may have written.

I am a former college business writing instructor and the published author of several dozen nonfiction articles on higher education. But in my recently undertaken retirement, I have turned to writing fiction and find it the most delightful and rewarding use of my writing skills and imagination.

So far, I have had one short story published in a magazine featuring the fiction of military veterans called The Blue Falcon, Vol. 1. This story was also selected for inclusion in a yet to be published anthology of fiction by veterans. I have a second short story that will be published this fall in As You Were: The Military Review, Vol. 3. In addition, I self-published an autobiography called That’s Sorta What Happened.

I commend Gotham classes to anyone who feels the urge to be a writer but was hesitant to take the first step. Gotham is a safe, private and supportive environment to test your writing wings.

Don’t put off the decision to enroll any longer. I envy you the thrill you will experience when you get your first letter accepting your work for publication. It is one of life’s priceless moments!

Thank you, Gotham.

Michael P. Lambert