Stefanie Freele

Stefanie Freele

Dear Gotham,

As I have just graduated with my MFA from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts-Whidbey Writers Workshop and have taken on some exciting editing projects (including submissions editor for SmokeLong Quarterly and editing an anthology titled Dogs Wet & Dry: A Collection of Canine Flash Fiction) I wanted to send you a long overdue thank you before the next wave of busyness sweeps me over.

Prior to starting the MFA program, I took four classes from Gotham: Humor Writing with John Kachuba, two Fiction Writing Classes with Brandi Reissenweber, and a Fiction Writing class with Terri Davidson-Brown.

I just reviewed the archives (which by the way is a wonderful asset for Gotham to provide) and realized that from all four classes I've had work published or forthcoming in places like: Talking River Review, South Dakota Review, North Idaho Lifestyles, Stolen Island Review, Lunch Hour Stories and a couple of anthologies. Pretty dang cool for taking only four classes.

The Gotham classes played a large role in my growth and self-confidence as a writer. The lectures and discussions were pertinent, thought provoking, and lively. The teachers were talented and encouraging, and the fellow-students, hardworking and motivated. You've got a great program going, and I wanted to let you know that I find myself frequently recommending Gotham Writers Workshop.

Hope all is well,
Stefanie Freele &