William Mills

William Mills

Dear Gotham,

Nine years ago, I took both Memoir I and II with Kyle Minor. My earlier graduate school training was in academic theology and up to this point I had written several academic articles and books for journals and for graduate students. I had zero creative writing experience. I wanted to write a memoir, but had no idea how to do it!

Kyle's classes were truly life changing. Not only was I forced to write and submit material each week, but we received regular feedback from Kyle who was a gracious teacher, pointing out both writing strengths and weaknesses. After taking one class, I took the second level. Kyle also provided important resources for further reading that pertained to both the craft of writing as well as literature in general. His suggestions opened to me the doors of poetry, short stories, and novels; classic and modern. Those suggestions alone were worth the price of tuition.

After years of writing, revising, re-writing, and editing, my memoir was finally published last month, Losing My Religion: A Memoir of Faith and Finding. My story is one of betrayal and bullies in a congregation, of toxic people, but also a story of healing and wholeness. I owe it all to Kyle’s support and the Gotham writing community.

Thank you Gotham, you made my dream into a reality!

William C. Mills