A Very Short Story Contest – 2022

We invited you to tell us a very short story in 10 words or fewer.

Here we present the winners and finalists:


The honeymoon ends. I tip the bartender our wedding rings.

Shweta Krishnan
Washington D.C.


I held onto the big hand, hoping time would stop.

Lisa Bailey
Accrington, United Kingdom

Naval burial, full honors. Thank God I can swim home.

Leia Cadogan Welch
Clifton, New Jersey

A man enters the elevator. Presses all the buttons. Leaves.

Christian Bañez
Brooklyn, New York

According to the Salvador Dalí clock, it’s half past forever.

David O'Keefe
Washingtonville, New York

Senators began surrounding Caesar: "Alright, I'm stumped. What's the surprise?"

Max Baron
Miami Florida

They said she's unsinkable; I'll wait down here.

Rachelle Horne
New Brunswick, Canada
The contest is closed.