Great Gifts—2023

We invited you to write about a gift—either a great gift you’ve gotten or that you’ve given—in 25 words or fewer.

Here we present the winners and finalists:


"Mom, look what I made you!" I followed my son down the hall. "Do you like it?" His first set installation (permanent marker on drywall).

Caitlin Quatmann
St. Louis, Missouri


After my hip replacement, in a wrapped black velvet box with a note that said, "A piece of me," I gave her my femoral head.

Kathryn Smith
Hanover, New Hampshire

The real gift to Mom, who taught me to never pay full price: assuring her I got discounts galore on that Kitchen-Aid stand mixer.

Teresa Theophano
Brooklyn, New York

Machu Picchu's heavenly aura gifted me with my wife of 46 years, my children, and my gift back to Earth as an environmental planner.

Edward Bogdan
Ashburn, Virginia

Corroboration, upon discovering The Lord of the Rings by way of my cousin's thoughtful gift, that spending quality time with books is a worthy endeavour.

Antonio Cruz Gil,
Valencia, Spain

My first retirement check whispered, “Take me. Your time and choices are now your own. Spend wisely.”

Gina MacFalls
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
The contest is closed.