Mistakes Were Made Contest—2020

The year 2020 reminds us of the phrase: Hindsight is 20/20. So we invited you to look back on your life and tell us about something that, in hindsight, you would have done differently in 20 words or less.

Here we present the winner and finalists:


It's surprisingly easy to confuse test anxiety with organ failure. I have hospital bills and a B- to prove it.

Alexis Oni-Eseleh
Brooklyn, New York


Nobody read my first love letter; I swallowed it, glittery purple ink and all, on the bus home from camp.

Sylvi Stein
New York City, New York

My girlfriend planted coriander in soil punnets and left them on the kitchen bench. I thought they were chocolate muffins.

David Coyle
Wellington, New Zealand

Showing off, I attempted that backflip during our game, only to tumble and break my face on the trampoline frame.

Kaylen Goetzke
Flagstaff, Arizona

I told you I was somewhere I wasn't. You crashed your car on the way. We're more honest now.

Daniel LoBosco
Astoria, New York

Texted the wrong sister asking her to be my Maid of Honor... now I'm having Co-Maids of Co-Honor.

Hyten Davidson
Chicago, Illinois