The Movie of Your Life Contest—2015

The Movie of Your Life Contest—2015

A summer movie based on your life is hitting theaters. Well, okay, pretend that this is true. Come up with a title for this movie. Here’s the deal, though. This is a comedy, and we want funny titles.

We also want a tagline to go with the title—a pithy sentence hinting at or telling us what the movie is about.

Whoever comes up with the title/tagline that makes us laugh the most wins a free class.

This will probably work better if your movie focuses on an aspect of your life rather than your whole life. And try to avoid using a spoof of an existing title such as Guidance Counselors of the Galaxy or A Food Cart Named Desire. We want originality.

And the winner is…


The Screams of Children

The saga of one mom’s journey to pee alone.

Linda Lavin
Freehold, New Jersey



Despicable acts performed by the elderly.

Lisa Tubbs
Grand Prairie, Texas

Fire Island

More than sand got in his pants.

Stephen Brockelman
Baltimore, Maryland

The contest is closed.