Past-Year Memoir Contest—2018

Past-Year Memoir Contest—2018

We invited you to look back at 2017 and write about it. Specifically, to tell us a true story from your life in 2017…in only 17 words or fewer.

Here we present the winner and finalists.


Unemployment, day forty: I'm savoring blueberry pancakes and cinnamon coffee while watching Comey testify. He's unemployed, too.

Alison Prelusky
Lindenhurst, NY


We stood in the yard smoking cigars while fireworks laced with Tio's ashes burst over the neighborhood.

Amelia Rodriguez
Hamilton, NJ

Ultrasounds before work. Injections in the office bathroom. Ten eggs retrieved, seven frozen. Don't count your chickens.

Caitlin Crawford
New York, NY

A turtle, purchased in a sketchy parking lot. Taught me patience, love, gentleness, and how to bargain.

Courtney Hatcher
Cleveland, OH

As the floodwaters rose, I hotfooted it to the supermarket for emergency wine. It was closed. Disaster!

Nicola Moses
Limavady, United Kingdom

Guys in the meeting curse, then turn to me and apologize. I'm a flower, not a colleague.

Suzanne Mattaboni
Northampton, PA

Dogs laze on dry grass. Pool vacuum clicks along. Leaf blower blares. Living with the parents again.

Sureya Melkonian
Oakland, CA
The contest is closed.