Each month we invite you to post a story on Twitter using #GWstorieseverywhere for a chance to win a free class. Your story must be no longer than 25 words, with a max of 280 characters, including spaces and the hashtag #GWstorieseverywhere.

Your stories (which can be true or made up) will be inspired by what you see, know, or do, and they should relate in some way to these monthly "themes":

November: The invitation
December: Nightmare
January: Something lost

Our winner for October's theme Risk
Behind the wall they hid a secret that could get them both killed: a Jewish boy of six who I would one day call Grandpa @N_Kay123

Our winner for September's theme Biggest fear:
Fame achieved by dying stupidly: "Sadly, she choked to death on a tiny live fish." @caligretchen

Our winner for August's theme The last straw:
She lost her shoe, her virginity, and her driver’s license. Thank God she didn’t lose the address of the AA meeting. @JSouthDunn

Our winner for July's theme First kiss:
She gave it her all, but the Leonardo DiCaprio poster just refused to kiss back. @kelseyskennedy

Our winner for June's them Serendipity:
He was scanning Missed Connections to find the girl from the Q train, when he tripped and spilled coffee all over her. @VOFranzese

Our winner for May's theme Sunday:
I missed a plane one Sunday afternoon. It crashed into the sea midflight. Always punctual, you boarded early. @bonbon7

Our winner for April's theme Voyeur:
As a little girl I'd walk my street looking in lit windows. I'd watch families gathered at the table and I'd pretend. @meyouandthesea

Our winner for March's theme Broken promise:
Gwen plays with her 30 day sober coin, tosses it up, and downs her tequila shot; heads or tails, either way she's lost. @shadowprancer

Our winner for February's theme An old flame:
A love letter, the last one you wrote me. I rip it into bite-size pieces and chew, to have you inside me again. @lita_bush

Our winner for January's theme Starting over:
This time it will be different, He said. First, no damn snakes. Then, instead of luscious apples, brussels sprouts. @jlhuff_huff


Our winner for December's theme Gift gone wrong:
On the first day, it made mewling noises and came with a pretty red ribbon. On the second day, it learned to open doors. @skofri

Our winner for November's theme Breakup:
I left a note in the cookie jar. It included instructions for landing the spaceship. She'll find it eventually. @laurentmatson

Our winner for October's theme An amazing sight:
Dramatic clouds, I like to call them. Never blue, never red, but plain old greys dancing out my father's mouth. @Anyato__

Our winner for September's theme What happened in school today:
He learned to forget everything, so he could stay at school forever. @juanvassallo

Our winner for August's theme Vacation gone awry:
Lost his luggage. Filled out the wrong paperwork. Became a refugee. @carladgray

Our winner for July's theme A revolutionary act:

I ate the last cookie. In the closet. Because I wanted to hear myself chew. @krisdkeith

Our winner for June's theme Superhero:
My hero wasn't in the news in a cape. Instead, he lay beind a sterile glass box. Breathing, fighting, two days old. Mine. @JessWinn26

Our winner for May's theme Saying goodbye:
He caught their baby's last breath in a jar & under a full moon, watched the tide take it out to sea. @imruthwalker

Our winner for April's theme It happened in the shadows:
She stares at her tall,grownup shadow. Someday she will be more, she thinks to her little self. She tiptoes,trying heels. @millicent71

Our winner for March's theme Surprising encounter:
His sign read "Stranded. Spaceship broken." I pressed a dollar in his hand & said: "My brother's spaceship's broken too." @carolhillson

Our winner for February's theme Romance gone wrong:
Riding a wave of passion, it was suddenly inside me, filling me, completing me. Definitely worth the extra 1.80 for guac. @jordynrsmith

Our winner for January's theme Ticking clock:
5 losses, and #6 starts with bleeding and bed rest. Fear never leaves, but dissipates slightly in a flutter of tiny kicks @MClareWright


Our winner for December's theme Frantic shopping:
Victorious after tackling and slapping a woman for a tv, she drives home lamenting the lack of Christ in Christmas. @dahldahl

Our winner for November's theme Strange relatives:
That Thanksgiving I was 10 with a broken arm & Uncle Al was between wives. Sympathy over pie: "Broke mine during S-E-X." @GracieBingham

Our winner for October's theme Monster:
I track the muddy footprints from the cemetery to my front door. It seems my wife still knows the way home. @kristispin

Our winner for September’s theme What happened in school today?:
I had to write “I must not be vociferous” on the blackboard 50 times. I stopped at 10. @JKsSnazzyPants

Our winner for August's theme A dog's life:
We spend Sundays at the park, not because I need the exercise, but because he still thinks men meet women this way. @GMargaritax

Our winner for July's theme Torrid affair:
Say you felt like a movie. Playing uptown. Way uptown. Say it’s starting. Seem sad. Say it’s a shame he won’t make it. @jdschwartzman

Our winner for June's theme Water:
I pulled into the station to fill up. The flat screen flashed 6/30/23, Regular $1.29, Super $1.43, Water $9.35. @jklevy6

Our winner for May theme A dangerous turn:
Had I gone right I'd have picked up my dry cleaning and gone home to Indian takeout. I went left and found his knife. @Vale1217

Our winner for April theme Encounter in the rain:
His $50 umbrella protects me from the pouring rain while I try to open my $5 umbrella. That's how I met Gregory Hines. @Paula65writer

Our winner for March theme Tall tale:
The excitement of learning she was taller than she thought soon deflated when she realized the extra inch was her shoes. @Pamsmanley

Our winner for February theme Through a window:
Staring straight ahead, I see his thumb raise. I reciprocate. It is the only way he knows I'm alive inside this ambulance. @Abranyc

Our winner for January theme Tough choice:
Biology textbook in her lap, she sits alone in the clinic waiting room chanting softly, "It's only an embryo, only an..." @ReneeRHD

Our winner for December theme Someone you recently met:
Ran into each other at intermission. His aftershave hit me harder than an arms race. Decided to make up our own 3rd act. @geheimsness

Winners receive a free writing class of their choosing.