Travel Caption Contest—2021

It may have been a while since you traveled, or maybe you’re just now traveling again. We wanted to hear about your travel adventures—past or present—but in a unique way.

It’s about capturing the moment in the caption so that we can see the photograph in our mind’s eye.

Here we present the winners and finalists:


I finally spotted the mischievous baboon, high in the tree, drinking my shampoo.

Kathleen Douglass
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Venice sinks like a wounded soldier bleeding out. Tourists wade through the blood in gondolas.

Jayda Brain
Wollongong, Australia

Tracking the tag on my shirt, I stand before the cement ruins.

Faiza Chowdury
Bronx, New York

I gaped at the milk-freckled stars and charcoal Andean sky, breathed, and let go.

Michele Cantos
Brooklyn, New York

The air vibrates as the bees buzz, pollinating an ocean of lavender fields. Provence blooms.

Marta Sala
Barcelona, Spain