Gotham teacher Michelle Knudsen's children’s picture book Argus, was recently published by Candlewick Press. Michelle wrote the text; the illustrations are by Andrea Wesson.

The story: When Mrs. Henshaw hands out eggs for the school science project, Sally says, “Mine looks different.” Mrs. Henshaw says, “Don’t be difficult.” The other kids end up with chicks. Sally ends up with…a dragon. High jinks ensue.

Enjoy these pages from Argus:


The class weighed and measured all the chicks.  They took new measurements every day.
Then  they made line graphs showing the results. All of the other children's graphs showed small,
neat diagonal lines. Sally's graph . . . didn't.

 Next the children drew pictures of their chicks to post on the walls.
All of the other children's pictures were cute and yellow and very much alike. 
Sally's picture . . . wasn't. 

"Good work, children," said Mrs. Henshaw. "Now let's investigate what our little chicks
like to eat." "Mine likes seed!" said one boy. "Mine likes beetles!" said another.
"Mine is trying to eat the other chicks!" said Sally. Mrs. Henshaw rushed over to rescue them.

Argus. Text copyright © 2010 by Michelle Knudsen. Illustrations copyright © 2010 by Andrea Wesson. Reproduced by permission of Candlewick Press. For more information on Michelle and her book, visit