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Your most pressing and perplexing questions about writing answered here by Gotham teacher Brandi Reissenweber.

I'm at a point in researching the market that I don't know where else to look for places to publish my personal narrative pieces. What can I do when I've exhausted the well-known market resources? I'd love to find more magazines. Any suggestions?

The big round-ups that include thousands of markets are great resources. The Writer's website, for example, has its own searchable database, listing over 3000 markets. As comprehensive as such listings are, the market fluctuates, new publications spring to life, and others linger just out of the reach of this or that resource. So it pays to start chasing the rabbit. (Down the rabbit hole, of course.)

Here's how you do that: When you read something by a writer that's similar to what you write, check out the author's biography and do an internet search looking for additional biographical notes, interviews, or essays. Where else has she published? Any titles you don't yet recognize? Look them up. Which authors does she admire? Look them up. Are they writing the kind of work you do? If so, look up their biographies for new titles. Track those titles down. Before you know it, you might have a whole slew of tunnels to explore, many of which may have that elusive rabbit—a magazine for your work—at the end.

Also, check to see if your favorite authors and markets have blogs. (Do this for the new authors and magazines you find, too.) Subscribing to targeted blogs can be particularly useful, as they provide constant updates, any one of which could include more tunnels to follow. It's becoming increasingly popular for bloggers to list other blogs they read. And don’t forget webpages, which often have a section for favorite links. Often interests intersect and you could be clicking for hours, racking up new titles and authors to look into. Finding just one good link can tunnel you to a host of others.

Of course, this isn't thousands of markets at your fingertips all categorized under neat headings. And a lot of the tunnels you venture down are bound to turn up little to nothing. But it's a great way to find something you didn't know you couldn't live without.