Agent Evaluation

Available either in NYC or long distance.

A top New York City literary agent on the Gotham faculty reads and evaluates a completed and polished manuscript based on its marketability. You’ll receive honest and supportive advice on how to take your project closer to publication, and what hurdles you may have to overcome along the way.

To begin, you send in a synopsis (of no more than 500 words) and the first ten pages of your manuscript so that we can make sure that it’s at a stage that merits an agent’s undivided attention.

Then, a Gotham staff member will consult with you and match you with the right agent on our faculty. You’ll receive a quote based on the length of your project.

Moving forward, the assigned agent will read your work, provide written comments, and consult with you in person, over the phone, or through Zoom for one-hour. You’ll receive clear and concrete suggestions for moving your manuscript further down the path to publication. This is not an editing service and this is not you pitching an agent in the hopes of landing representation. In fact, you must sign off that you accept that the agent working with you will not be able to represent this particular project. That would be a conflict of interests.

If you’re looking for a deep dive into story edits, Book Doctoring is the service for you.

If you’re looking for copy-editing, try Proofreading.

But if you have a completed and polished manuscript and are ready to move forward towards getting published, this might be for you.

A price quote will be provided before any work is done. Payment in full is due in advance.

The rate for the agent evaluation is $85 per hour. The amount of hours is calculated like so:

Book Doctoring (novels, memoirs)

1 hour for every 15 pages read (1 page = 275 words) plus

1 hour for written critique plus

1-hour consultation, either in person or via phone or Zoom.

For example, an 80,000-word novel (approximately 290 pages) would be: 19-hour read plus 1-hour consultation. Total: $1,700.

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