What is a magazine's masthead and where would I find it?

The masthead is essentially a one-page informational overview of a publication and everyone involved in its creation. The masthead lists editorial staff, publisher, subscription details, and contact information. Members of the advisory board, readers, interns, proofreaders, and designers are also often listed. Some mastheads will include other information, such as granting institutions that help fund the publication or details on how to submit work. Some will even have a brief explanation of the publication’s title or a mission statement.

The masthead is usually found in the front pages of a magazine or journal. Many print publications also keep a masthead on a companion website. Writers find it useful for tracking down the names of specific editors. This can be particularly helpful if you’re looking for who you should submit your work to, or if you received a kind note and an invitation to submit again, but can’t quite make out all the letters of the editor’s signature.