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Student Quotes
"I had a great time studying TV and talking about it with other people who are passionate about it."
- Robyn Gordon
 technical writer
"The instructor created a sense of possibility in a business rife with rejections."
- Joaquin Terceno
"It helps you distinguish between the various types of nonfiction writing to determine where you are on the spectrum and what to study next."
- Brian Shannon
"I had no knowledge of this subject before taking this class...I now know how to format a scipt correctly and what is needed to produce an effective TV script."
- AnneMarie Jones
 trademark administrator
"Great course for building a foundation for proposal writing."
- Helene Connelly
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How are online classes similar to live classes?
Gotham online writing workshops are very similar to the live classes we offer in New York City. Class size is strictly limited. The same dedicated faculty of professional teaching artists run the classes.

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How are online classes different from live classes?
The big difference is that all the elements that are offered in each three hour class meeting of a live class are instead available for an entire week. These classes are asynchronous, which simply means that you do not have to be present at the exact moment your teacher is posing a question, and you need not be present at the exact moment one of your classmates is making a comment.

For instance, in a live class meeting a teacher gives a lecture, assigns an in-class exercise, and the class critiques work written by one or more of the students. But in an asynchronous online class, you can read the teacher's lecture anytime during the week. The same goes for the writing exercise, which you can do anytime within the week. And, of course, you can read and critique your classmates' work whenever it's convenient for you.

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How will Gotham classes get me writing?
Along with a lecture every week on an element of the craft, you will also be assigned a writing exercise as "homework" which will be related to the lecture. So, for instance, if the lecture is on character development, then the exercise might be to describe in vivid detail for a page or two the most memorable person in your life. In this way, you learn about the craft through a lecture and then put that learning into practice.

In 10-week workshop classes, you will also be assigned to write a few short projects (stories, articles, poems, scenes, depending on the type of class you are taking) during the term. The subject of these projects will be completely up to you.

You will use what you have learned in the lectures and writing exercises and put that knowledge to use in the greatest exercise of all - putting your own thoughts on paper. The idea is that you learn by doing. There is no better way to learn how to write than to study the craft, exercise your writing muscles through directed assignments, and to put it all together in your own work.

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What are the goals of Gotham classes?
There are two goals:

One is to get you writing through weekly writing exercises and by setting deadlines for your projects.

The other goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to keep you writing after the class is over. These tools include all the elements of craft. The idea is to not only get you writing, but also to make sure you understand the important concepts of the craft so that you can keep writing for the rest of your life.

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Who teaches Gotham's classes?
All the classes are taught by professional writers who are also professional teachers. Teaching is an art every bit as much as writing is an art. All of our teachers are experts at conveying the major concepts and nuances of creative writing. And they don't just explain the craft; they get you writing.

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How will I submit my work?
You type up your work in your favorite word processing software (e.g. Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, etc.). When you are ready to submit your work, you will simply copy it and paste it into a text box on a web page. You'll have step by step instructions to guide you through this process. If you have difficulty submitting your homework you may contact technical support with any questions.

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How can I get technical help?
Just email us at [email protected], and we will get back to you by the next business day at the latest - usually much sooner.

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How many students are in an online class?
Online six- and ten-week level I writing workshops are strictly limited to 16 students. Advanced workshops are limited to 14 students. Film Analysis and Reading Fiction classes are limited to 20 students. Online Selling Seminars are limited to 25 students. All students must be 18 or older.

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How much do classes cost?
10-week workshops in NYC- $425, Gotham returning NYC students - $395
10-week online workshops - $399, Gotham returning online students - $369
10-week Master Class workshops - $545
Six-week classes in NYC - $315
Six-week online classes - $299
Selling seminars - $165
Intensive classes - $125
Teen classes in NYC - $315
Teen online classes - $299

A $25 registration fee is applied one time each term for all students.

For special offers and discounts, see Discounts/Ways To Save

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Where can I find the schedule/locations for Online classes?
Up-to-date schedules are posted on our website - see: Online Class Schedule. You may also Request a Catalogue.

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I have already written something and I need feedback - can your faculty critique my work?
Gotham faculty can help you take your already-written work to the next level. Sign up for a Writer's Service, such as Book Doctoring, or Script Doctoring.

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A class setting isn't right for me - can I take your classes one-on-one with an instructor?
Any 10-week class can be taken one-on-one with a member of our faculty. Sign up for a Private Class or Mentorship.

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Which level is right for me: Level 101, I, II or Master Class?
If you aren't sure which level is right for you, chances are you would be better served in Level 101 or Level I class. The instruction in the fundamentals provides an excellent foundation. And you can move on to a Level II course when you are ready.

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Can I take a tour of an online class?
You can take a tour of a sample online class in one of two ways:

Video Tour - You view a short movie that takes you on a guided tour of our online "classroom."
Self-Guided Tour - You take yourself around the "classroom," just as if you were a student.

The video tour is of a Fiction class, but there are a variety of Sample Classes to choose from to help you get a sense of what our classes are like.

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Do you offer a certificate program?
We offer a certificate program for those who would like a thorough grounding in all aspects of writing - from the fundamentals of craft, to analysis of written work, to the development and marketing of a portfolio.

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What is 'The Booth'?
"The Booth" is Gotham's time-tested method for critiquing student work. It ensures an even distribution of constructive and original commentary on your writing.

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What is your policy for refunds and credits?
Our credit and refunds policy can be viewed on our website - see: Credit and Refund Policy

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Do you offer any financial aid or payment plans?
Gotham Writers' Workshop does not offer financial aid or a monthly payment plan. For details about tuition and payments, please visit Important Notes. If you need to inquire about a limited payment plan, please call the school office or email the Registrar before you register for class.

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Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, there are several ways you can save money with Gotham.

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Can you recommend any books for writers?
Gotham reading lists are compiled by writers for writers.

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Do you have any free class contests?
We offer contests four times a year. We also offer special contests from time to time. Subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter to stay informed of any upcoming contests.

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Can foreign students enroll in your classes?
Foreign students may take any of our online classes as long as they have fluent command of English and access to the internet. There are no special steps needed to register - just fill out the online registration form and charge the classes to your credit card. The correct amount will be converted to your currency and charged to your card.

Foreign students wishing to take classes with us in New York City should be advised that we are not a degree-granting institution. As such, there is no "full-time" student status, and we cannot offer help with obtaining student visas or housing.

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Are Gotham classes accredited?
Gotham Writers' Workshop is a continuing education institution offering non-credit classes. We are recognized by IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training) as an Authorized Provider of Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Some colleges and universities allow their students to count their Gotham CEUs as credits toward a degree. We encourage you to contact your educational institution to see what requirements they have - we'll be happy to do what we can to comply with their policies. Professional organizations and licensing bodies that require continuing education of members may recognize Gotham CEUs. Please contact the professional organization or licensing body directly to determine if Gotham CEUs are applicable. Please note that CEUs will only be awarded after the successful completion of the course as determined by an assessment of your writing and participation in the course. Training records are kept for a minimum of seven years, and it is our policy to be able to access those records within ten business days.

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I'm interested in nonfiction writing, what classes do you offer?
We offer an overview class - Nonfiction 101 that covers features, memoir, travel, and other forms of nonfiction writing. For those students who want to go more in-depth in any one of these fields, we offer more specialized classes: Article Writing, Memoir Writing, or Travel Writing.

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Is it safe to submit my work to an online class?
Since its inception in 1992, Gotham has not experienced a single incident where a student profited from stealing the work of another student. Online classes are password-protected, and are only accessible by the students and the instructor. When you write something original, it is automatically considered your legal property, and all of our online classes are archived, providing us with a dated record of when you posted your work, should an incident arise. Titles and ideas cannot be copyrighted, but, again, we haven’t had a single incident where that was a problem.

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