Where do you offer in-person classes?

NYC Vs. Online Classes

Only in New York City.

How do your Online classes work?

NYC Vs. Online Classes

Our Online classes replicate, as much as possible, the experience of a "live" class. The teacher and students come together in a communal "space" and interact with each other in a stimulating manner. As with the "live" classes, the Online classes offer lectures, discussion, assignments (with feedback), and, depending on the course, critique of projects that students are developing.

But, of course, there are differences between "live" and Online classes.

The chief distinction of our Online classes is that they do not meet in "real time." In other words, students do not sit at their computers at an assigned day or hour watching an instructor present a class as they would in a "live" classroom. Instead, students may participate at any time, day or night. However, there is a schedule. Each class session lasts for 7 days, and there are things to accomplish within that time frame. There is a topic that is covered each "week," and there are things that are due within that "week." This asynchronous format allows students from all over the world to take class together without concern of time differences, and it allows for a convenient fit with just about any schedule. When a new "week" begins, the material from the previous "weeks" is still accessible, so a student will never completely miss a class.

Read more about our Online classes.

What are the advantages of taking an NYC class? An Online class?

NYC Vs. Online Classes

Students receive the same content and quality of education in either an NYC or an Online class. But the experience is a bit different between them.

An NYC class offers an experience similar to what we all remember from school. Specifically:

  • Live interaction with fellow students and instructor
  • Immediate feedback to questions and comments
  • The face-to-face camaraderie of writers with whom you can bond, share, and learn

An Online class offers a more flexible experience. Specifically:

  • The convenience of participating any time, day or night, and from any location (as long as you have Internet access)
  • Posted material (lectures, discussion, assignments, etc.) that you can print and save.
  • Archived material, so you never "miss" a class
  • A global "classroom" that welcomes people from all over the world
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