Do you offer courses taught in languages other than English?

Foreign/Non-native English-speaking Students

No, our classes are only taught in English, and we require fluency in English to take our classes.

Which courses will help me improve my English?

Foreign/Non-native English-speaking Students

None of our courses are English-as-second-language courses. If you are not fairly fluent in English, a Gotham class is not the best fit. However, if you are fairly fluent in English, even though it's not your first language, you may well benefit from a Gotham class. If you're not sure if your English is good enough, or which course is right for you, we are happy to help you figure it out.

If I'm coming to New York City from abroad to take a class, what do I need to do?

Foreign/Non-native English-speaking Students

Gotham welcomes English-speaking students from outside the U.S. in our New York City classes. However, we are not an accredited college or university and therefore do not have the forms necessary to obtain a student visa. Our recommendation is that interested students from abroad obtain a travel or tourist visa and count us among the cultural activities available to do while in New York City, like attending museums, readings, and seminars. Unfortunately, Gotham does not provide housing or help students from abroad find housing. Please check our hotel suggestions for New York City.

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