Faculty Bios

We proudly offer the bios of our accomplished teachers.

Kimberly Brittingham is the author of the memoir Read My Hips (Three River Press) and Write That Memoir Right Now (AudioGo). She has written blog posts for dozens of businesses, from apparel manufacturers to financial professionals. She has published nonfiction at Salon, iVillage, and Fresh Yarn, and she was the founder of Café Eighties magazine.

Josh Sippie is the director of publishing guidance at Gotham Writers Workshop, host of Gotham’s talk show Inside Writing, and the organizer of the Gotham Writers Conference.  He has published short stories, nonfiction, humor, and poetry in Hobart, McSweeney’s, Brevity, Stone of Madness, the Guardian, The Writer, Bear Creek Gazette, Allegory, and Truffle. He is the Fiction Editor at The Razor magazine, an associate editor at Uncharted Magazine, has served as a developmental editor and proofreader for Del Sol Review and Writers Clearinghouse, and was a literary assistant at Talcott Notch Literary. He holds a BA from the University of Central Missouri.

David Title is a partner at Bravo Media where he oversees creative development and strategic partnerships. He ran the blog MyMediaMusings and consults on personal and commercial blogging efforts. He has worked in feature film and TV development, web series production, social media promotion, podcasting, and experiential marketing. He holds a BA from Hampshire College and an MFA in Directing from Rutgers University.